1. Click on Setup new feed

2. Choose the action Update existing Products in store and click Continue

3. On the template page, search for inQue.Style
4. Once created, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the Stock Sync app.

5. You can click on Start Process to update the product. 

6. To check the product information that are being added, click on Edit Settings and click on Next to Field Mapping page.

There are more than 10 field mapping available, you can remove that unwanted field. 

Fields Values
SKUVariant SKU
Product's TitleProduct Title
DescriptionProduct Description
Product ImageProduct Image
Product Type (Custom)Product Type
Variant Grouphandle
Inventory QuantityQuantity
Variant Option 1Option1
Compare at Price Compare Price
Variant Option 2Option2
Variant Option 3Option3