1. Preferences page 

Where you can change your settings for notifications, timezone, and view plans available in Stock Sync.

2. Setup New Feed 

You can create a new feed whether it's to add/remove or update existing products.

3. Upload File Now

You can upload your file to import or update your feed.

4. Cancel Process

Cancel the process of the feed whether it's running or queuing.

5. Feed Setting

You can open up the settings of the specific feed to view or edit.

6. Turn on/off schedule

You can turn on/off the schedule to automate your feed.

7. Start Process

You can begin processing your feed.

8. Edit

You can edit your feed's schedule (date and timezone)

9. Filter

You can add a filter to your feed whether it's filtered by feed file or Shopify products.

10. See more activity history

You can check the recent activity of the feed.