Before setup an update feed, you must ensure all the below steps as been followed:

  1. Ensure your vendor's products are imported to the online store with the correct SKUs
  2. Obtain the feed file location info from your Vendor. For example, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  3. Ensure that the feed file is downloadable and provide the relevant login and password if necessary.

Steps to set up an update feed 

1. Set up a New Feed and choose to Update existing products in store. In the Source URL tab, fill in the accurate source and file type.

Stock sync reads compressed file format such as .zip and .gz

2. In the Field Mapping section, click on the + Add field to select a field that you would like to update. For example, Quantity and Price. Please make sure to map the fields according to the feed file provided by your supplier or drop shipper.

The screenshot below follows this Google Spreadsheet CSV

3. Under each field, there is an option to add more settings sections. As you can see from the quantity and price field, you are able to control the prices of your products and control their quantity levels.

4. It will be redirected to the Advanced Settings page. To know more details on the Advanced, refer to this Stock Sync Advanced Setting

5. Click on Done to proceed to the Dashboard.

6. In the schedule part, set a time for daily updates or hourly according to the plan limit.

If your vendors updated their inventory files at 5am daily, it is advisable to set a later time to ensure your filed are synchronised to theirs.