Remove product feed allows you to remove products automatically when variant(s) is no longer found in the feed file.

Before setting up the Remove Product Feed Trigger by Not in Feed, you will need to have an Update Feed set up first.

1. On the Dashboard, click on Setup New Feed > Remove discontinued products from store.

2. Click on Continue and choose the template Trigger by Not in Feed

3. Select an update feed to connect.

4. Click on Next to the Field Mapping page. By using the template, you can skip this step.

5. Click on Next to Advanced Settings for further settings. 

Warning, the default settings will remove products permanently. Please change the option to Archive products if you like to keep the products in Shopify.

Learn more about Advanced Settings for Remove Feed here. 

6. Click on Finish to be redirected to the Feed Details page.

The feed will automatically run after \the update feed that is connected to has finish processing and has SKU not in feed detected.