Before you run your feed, make sure you have set it up properly. If you are unsure of your settings, you can refer to:

1. Feed Settings (Step 1)

2. Field Mapping? (Step 2)

3. Advanced Settings? (Step 3)

After you have created a new feed, no matter what type of connection method. You will end up with these 3 choices:

1. Start Process

  • You can Start the Process immediately or you can turn on the schedule. Learn more here.

2. Email

  • Click Copy to Clipboard to be sent to your supplier/drop shipper.

3. Upload File 

  • Click Upload File Now to proceed
  • You need to upload the file and click on the Start Process to begin.
  • Or you can choose the process immediately after upload.

    Note: You need to keep this message dialog open until the upload is complete.