1. Ensure the variants are in the feed file. Ensure mapping correctly

Please check the feed file that you received from your supplier to ensure the variant(s) are present. If the variant(s) are present, then make sure the Product Identifier is mapped correctly here. Learn more

2. SKU not longer exists in feed data. And quantity remains as it is. 

To avoid selling SKU that is no longer exist in the feed file, you can use reset the quantity to zero. Learn more

3. Wrong location

Please ensure that you have selected the correct location before updating the product. Learn more

4. Multiple products with the same product identifier

If you have multiple products with the same product identifier, please enable it so that the update does not overwrite each other. Learn more

5. Shopify Track inventory

Enable the "Set all updating variant to Shopify tracks this product's inventory" 

6. Quantity Rules

Please ensure that the Quantity Rules that you entered are correct as it could affect the stock level. Learn more

7. Frequency of update

Sometimes the frequency of updates could cause the wrong stock update when it runs at the wrong time where the stock level is updated from the old feed. Learn more

8. Use the highest quantity value when the same SKU detected from multiple feeds

When you have the same SKU from multiple feeds, it could cause the stock level to be updated based on the latest update. Enable the option to use the highest value. Learn more

9. Filter - Exclusion

Please ensure that the product is not excluded from the update. You can do this by specifying the products in the filter. Learn more

10. Add or deduct option in Quantity more settings enabled

By default, Stock Sync will replace the stock value by default. You can also choose to add or deduct the stock level with this option. Learn more