For the Dropbox connection method, we choose Dropbox.

Then, for the shared link on how to get it, you can refer below for more detail.

To connect with Dropbox, you simply need to have the Shared Link

How do you get this?

First, go to your Dropbox account and go to the feed file that you want to update.

Once you have located the file. For example here is this CSV Demo File.csv.

  1. You need to click on Share and click on the Link settings.
  2. And change the permission to "Anyone with the link can view this file" or default to "Anyone"

3. Copy the link and paste it into the URL field in Stock Sync

4. You can also get the link to the file by right-clicking on the file and copying the link.

Please make sure the link is correct and it is not the link of the file and not the folder