Before set up a connection of Rest API feed, you should test out with any of the software to check whether the api can retrieve the product or not. Example of software: Postman 

If you do not know how to test out the API request using other software, please do contact support via [email protected]

  1. Fill in the endpoint URL based on your API request.

  2. Select the Authorization Type needed for that API request. There are few types of authorization which are Basic Auth, Bearer Token, Oauth2, and No Auth. 

    a) Basic Auth
    This authorization method involve in username and password only. When your API request with username and password you can select as Basic Auth.

    b) Bearer Token
    Bearer token is another method of authorization that using token from your API. So that, you can fill up the token in required field.

    c) Oauth2
    Oauth2 is to provides consented access and restricts actions of what the client app can perform on resources on behalf of the user, without sharing the user's credential. So that certain API using this method to secure their authorization. If your API url, using this method please select this and insert all the respective details.

  3. If there is any header params or query params need to be key in for that api request and fill in the given field. 

  4. For the Body Raw is define as the filter part. If you wanted to filter any collection or Category from the Rest API. You may use Body Raw to enter the filter category or collections as well in the provided field.

  5. Choose the HTTP method:

    GET: retrieves information from the server

    PUT: used to create
    POST: accept the data enclosed in the body of the request message, most likely for storing it

  6. Ensure the correct File Format.