For the download URL connection method, you need to fill up all the required fields below:

Stock Sync do not support Multi Factor Authentication or 2 Factor Authentication. 
If the link provided has MFA or 2FA as below, it can't be accessed by Stock Sync.


1. To get up the download URL connection method, choose Download URL (link) over that part as can refer to in the below picture. 

2. Enable source authentication, if require login details.

3. Enter the link in the source URL

4. The File Format field is set to Auto where Stock Sync auto-detects the file format or can also choose the type of file format.

5. By default First Row Header is disabled. If there's a header on the file, need to enable this option. 

6. If your Download URL  is secure, please enable the toggle icon there which is stated with IP Whitelisting, and copy the link provided for it to work.

Whitelist the IP address "" in your server.

7. Lastly, start to test the connection.