For the FTP (TLS Enabled) connection, you will need to have the following fields filled up. The steps of the connection will be provided below:

1. Fill in the login credentials of user and password fields.

2. Specify the FTP source host that you want to export the inventories to.


3. Fill in the Directory and filename where the feed file is located.
    eg. /public_html/project/data/inventory.csv
For filename with a timestamp, please click here for more info.

4. Select an option under After Process field, depending on user for choosing which option for their feed file to be after the process is finished.

  • Do Nothing To My File
  • Append Date To My File (<date_time>_file_name)
  • Rename My File
  • Delete My File

5. The File Format field is set to Auto where Stock Sync auto-detect the file format or can also choose the type of file format.

6. By default First Row Header is disabled. If there’s a header on the file, need to enable this option. 

7. If your FTP server is secure, please tick on the IP Whitelisting and copy the link provided for it to work.

Whitelist the IP address "" in your server. Watch FTP tutorial video

8. Lastly, click on the test connection.