For the Read from Etsy connection, you will need to follow a few steps for connecting as below:

1. Once you are in the Stock Sync dashboard, click on the Setup New Feed.

2. Click on Update existing Products in store and click continue.

3. Enter Etsy in the field provided to search the templates. 

4. Once search for the template, you can see the Read from Etsy template.

5. Then, choose to Customize the template to set up the feed.

6. Once appear the file setting of the Etsy connection. You need to fill up the necessary fields.

7. Before you authorize your access you should fill up the store name. 

8. You can find your Etsy store name on your Etsy website. Choose Shop Manager in the upper-right corner.
9. You will see Settings right above your Sales Channels in the drop-down menu.

10. Next, select the Info & Appearance button to have an overview of your store. You will see the Shop Name in this section so just enter the shop name in the field of Stock Sync. 

Example: devlitcommerce3

11. Then, click the authorize button to continue. Enter your Etsy account credentials.

9. Click Allow access.

10. Once successfully Access Authorized, click the Next button to continue with field mapping. 

You might need to authorize again if failed to get authorization from Etsy

11. On the Field Mapping, map the SKU field and respective field which want to update. The example can be seen in the table given. 

Etsy fieldDetail
Product SKU
qtyInventory Quantity
titleProduct Title
priceofferings.price.amount / offerings.price.divisor
materialProduct Type
Product Fulll Images (multiple)
First Property Values Name
First Property Value
Second Property Values Name
Second Property Value