For the tags field, there are few settings:

You can enter the column name or column index to map your tag field.
Option 1. Replace store product's tags 

When the toggle icon is unchecked, Stock Sync will not remove any existing tags on store and only add new tags from the feed file.

Option 2. Append new tags to existing tags

 It will be set to true by default. If not the tags will remove from existing tags. 

Note: Disable this will REMOVE from existing tags

What do these two options mean and how does it affect your update? 

Let's see with an example:

  • When your product in Shopify store has tags (tag A, tag B) and the same product in the feed file has tags (tag B, tag C)
Replace store product's tags
Append new tags to existing tags
Disabled Enabled tag A, tag B, tag C
Disabled Disabled tag A
Enabled Disabled tag B, tag C 
Enabled Enabled tag B, tag C

3. Prefix

This prefix field is for add up the prefix for tags. 

4. Ignore Tags

Ignore tags is for list out all the tags that you wanted to ignore it from importing. You can use by separating the comma. 

5. Include Tags

Include tags is for listing out the tags that wanted to include it but ignore the rest. You can use separate it by the comma.