For the description field, there are more setting that can be set it up:-

If you want to add the text beginning or end of the description field, you can click here to know more. 

1. Case convert

Easily convert text between different letter cases of the text.

For example, all lower cases will be "vintage t-shirt". If all upper cases will be "VINTAGE T-SHIRT" or Titleize case will be "Vintage T-Shirt". Titleize case is upper casing the first letter of each word.

Note: If you don't want any changes on it, you may choose No change.

2. Wrap each column mapped in paragraph(s) with ... 

This field can be use for mapping the specific column for indicate the paragraph with either  <p> paragraph or <li> list item or </br> line break.

  • <p> paragraph - this setting will show the description in paragraph style
  • <li> list item -  this setting will show the description in point form style
  • </br> line break -  this setting will show the description by breaking the sentence in a line style

3. Labels for additional info

You Can use label option for additional info for description, can add on the label for second field mapping onwards. eg. Material: 'description2', Height: 'description3'.

4.  Find

  • Find multiple words or phrases, separated by a comma. Search will match any word to find any part of the word, include For example, *man will find woman, manicure as well. The Find field also supports regular expressions too.
  • There is also a way to remove all links from the description field, the user needs to put as this *For example, *<a href=.?>,<a id=.?>,</a>*

5. Replace with

Replace with define as you can replace it with multiple words or phrases, separated by a comma. eg word1,word2. (Auto matched with Find)

For example, 

  • To replace the word with the column name, you can use {{description}} place the column name inside the bracket {{ }}

6. Convert newline to line break

It can convert the newline to line break.
If your file contains ('\n'), it will convert it as (<br/>)

7. Set to blank

By enabling the toggle icon, it will automatically set to blank when the value in the feed file is blank as there is no value set in compare at price section(zero or '0' are not consider as blank).