1. Set to blank

By enabling the toggle icon, it will automatically set to blank when the value in the feed file is blank as there is no value set in compare at price section(zero or '0' are not consider as blank).

2. Price Round 

Also available in Compare at Price field but recommended to use price round on Price field as Default.  

You can click on the link here to learn more about the detail of the Price Round.

3. Currency Converter 

You can also convert the currency in the Compare at Price field. You can enable the toggle to select the currency you want to apply. 

4. Price Condition (Markup)

Price Condition is an extra setting under the Price field. There are many conditions can be applied through this settings. For more information on Price Condition.

The Price Conditions take effect according to the arrangement. The first conditions have the highest priority.

Stock Sync also supports Column Value.

Valid price range keywords are:

  • price
  • any
  • current_price
  • cost

The symbol that is used for the statement:

  • == equal to
  • <= less than or equal to
  • => more than or equal to
  • and
  • or