1. Inventory location

You can set the inventory location of your importing products based on the location that you have set in your Shopify store.


1. Auto-publish

By default, all new products added through this feed are hidden. To publish, you need to enable auto-publish.

2. Link Image

By default, Stock Sync will link the image to the variant when the image URL is in the same row as the variant. You can turn this option off if you like.

3. First Product Images

By default, the product images will be only for the first product. But you can enable it so that the product images are applied to all variants.

4. Skip Adding

You can also choose to skip adding products with zero quantity. But by default, Stock Sync will add all products.

5. Tagged with

By default, all newly added products will be tagged with (NEWLY-IMPORTED). But you can edit the tag or even remove it according to your preferences.