Stock Sync enables you to filter your feed data. You can Filter the feed according to the Key and Value that you enter.

You can enter the column name or number in the selected column.


  1. Column name/index can only be defined once.
  2. Include/exclude multiple keywords with commas as separators.
  3. Include/exclude keywords with wildcard support. eg, PRE*, *DO, *MIDDLE*

For example:

Column Name/Index should be entered based on the value in the feed file. Below are just examples.

1. You have a column name "producttype" and only want to include clothes.

2. You have a column named "vendor" and you want to exclude "adibas"

3. You want to exclude all products with the value "shoes" in column 5.

4. You want to exclude TAG A in column 4.

5. The filter now supports dynamic dates. Way of using the dynamic date, you can refer here to learn more.

For example, this is the current date.

6. The filter also now supports for less than(<) or greater than(>).

For example, the price needs to be filtered by greater than

7.  The filter also supports wildcard. The use of wildcard in this filter is quite flexible. 

You can use it to match any character zero or more times.

For example:

comp* matches anything beginning with "comp" which means "comp", "complete," and "computer" are all matched.
 *less match anything that ends with "less" which means "123less", "234less" and "sleeveless" are all matched.
*un* matches anything that has the character "un" in it which means "sunny", "bunny", "guns", "tuned" are all matched.
*  it matches when one of the columns is NOT blank. It also helps with excluding products of which the cell in the feed is empty
Example: * 

How to ignore rows that have blank values? 

Filtering by feed data does not allow exclude when a cell has an empty value. Instead, including the wildcard * will include all rows with value only.