How to change credit card info and billing invoices for BigCommerce and WooCommerce?

Below are the steps:

1. Bring the mouse toward the top right corner under their Stock Sync Store name, where it will show the Manage Billings 
button in the dropdown. 

2. After clicking it will redirect to the user's billings section.

3. Based on the below image, user can select their plan depending on their wish to use Stock sync to update their BigCommerce and WooCommerce Stores inventory. 

4.  Notice there is an updated product with a subscription plan. The monthly subscription is created based on the number of variants in their store as all plans have their respective amount of feeds and frequency schedules. Don’t worry you are not just limited to the frequency schedule.

5. Users can trigger themselves on update manually and are not limited by how many times the user updates it.

6. Stock Sync provides a free plan for BigCommerce and WooCommerce to subscribe freely and gives a fixed column for inventory updates. Below image shown is for the free plan of inventory update. But the variants got limitations. 

7. You can also view their invoices by clicking the Manage Payment Info as shown in the below image.

8. After clicking, the user can view all the billing info in detail. Can see the below image for an example of billing and the billing history also provided.

9. By clicking the date under billing history, can download the invoice.