This is a sample scenario of a common store selling vendor products. 

Pre-setup Checklist:

  1. Ensure your Vendor's products are imported to the online store with the correct SKUs
  2. Obtain feed file location info from your Vendor. For example, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  3. Ensure that the feed file is downloadable and provide the relevant login and password if necessary.

Steps to getting Stock Sync set up:

1. In the Source Setting tab, select the correct source channel and fill up the connection info and file type.

Stock Sync reads compressed file formats such as .zip and .gz

2. In the Source Column Mapping tab, click on + Add field to select a field that you would like to update, eg. Quantity and Price

Please make sure to map the fields according to the feed file provided by your supplier or drop shipper.

3. Under Click for more settings section for the quantity and price field, you are able to control the prices of your products and control their quantity levels.

4. After that, you will be redirected to the Advanced Settings page where you will see the notice on the page. 

5. Click on Done to proceed to the Feed Details.

6. On the Feed Details page, you can proceed by clicking on the Start Process.

7. You can also automate the feed by turning on the schedule.