If you are encountering this problem, it means that you have exceeded the variant limit on the monthly plan you are subscribing to.

You can overcome this situation by Filtering Shopify Products from your feed.

Option A:

  • You may reduce the number of variants loaded by applying Shopify Product filters. 
  • For example, your store has products under Brand A and Brand B. 
  • Brand A has total variants of 100 and Brand B has total variants of 20.  
  • If the Vendor filter includes Brand B only, it will only process 20. And you can start the process now without having to upgrade your monthly subscription. This trick is not specified to vendor filter, you can use other Shopify product filters that are provided by Stock Sync.

Option B:

  • If option A does not work for you, you might try to remove some of the products that are discontinued in your store.
  • You can do this by creating a Remove Product Feed.
  • Remove the discontinued product.
  • This will reduce the variant count in your store as well.

If none of the options worked out for you, please contact support on the dashboard. They will help you figure it out.