To subscribe to a monthly plan or purchasing credit, you can access it at You are able to view all pricing here.

There are 2 types of pricing in Stock Sync.


  • For adding new products to Shopify, one credit is used per product added successfully using the "Add New Products" feed (marked yellow).
  • If the new products have a problem, it can be reverted and credits will be restored.
  • The credits can be used for another round of importing.
  • Those products added will remain in Shopify even the app is removed. It starts at only $0.01 per credit.

Do note that the "Add New Products" feed wouldn't be able to update the quantities. 

Monthly plan:

  • For continuous updates of inventory quantities or prices using the "Update Existing Products" feed (marked purple).
  • It will match existing variants by SKU or barcode and perform updates accordingly.
  • All the updates won't require any credits.