You are able to add products Amrod with Stock Sync. Just choose on Amrod template after choosing to add new products to store. 

1. Go to Setup New Feed > Choose Add new products to store.

2. Choose or search for Amrod template.

3. You need to fill up the API Token and Client ID from your Amrod profile. You can create or register your Amrod profile here. For the Client ID, you need to fill in the profile ID which you get it after register in Amrod.

4. You can fill in the Category ID as refer to here.

5. Click Next to the field mapping section.

These are the available fields that can be added with Stock Sync. 

Variant GroupItemBaseCode
imagesImageUrl, ImageUrl2x, ImageUrl3x, ImageUrlXL
product titleProductName
Variant Option 1SizeCode
Variant Option 2ColourName