To update VidaXL products with Stock SyncVidaXL template after choosing to update existing products in your store. 

1. Go to Setup New Feed > Choose Update existing products.

2. Choose or search for VidaXL template.


3. Fill up the Source URL field with the link given by the supplier. For all the drop shippers from VidaXL, after your accounts have been activated, the supplier will send the CSV and XML link of the feed to you.

4. After entering the source URL, can proceed to the next step. Click Next to the field mapping section. Select the field that is needed. 

These are the available fields that can be updated with Stock Sync. 


5. If you would like to apply filters to include or exclude the Vida XL products can apply them using the Category column.

For example:

Included Speelgood & spellen > Speelgoed* category