Filter by Wix Products is only available for update feed.

After you have finished setting up your feed, you will see the Apply Filters button on the Feed Detail page.

1. You will see two options there which are Filtering Feed Data and Filtering Wix Products.

2. To set up the filter by Shopify Product, required to click Filtering Wix Products.

3. To include/exclude certain products with these Product Type, Published, or SKU please provide a comma-separated name. 

Does not support wildcard*

There are types of setup lists for filters, we will guide you through each one of them.

1. Product Type Filter

This will include/exclude the Product type filter from your store. 

2. Published Filter


This will enable the Published filter from your store. It is a drop-down field, the option available is Any(ALL) or Published.

3. SKU Filter

This is a more specific filter that includes or excludes any SKU that you input in the field. Separated by a comma supports multiple values. 

SKU Filter doesn't support any wildcard but its supports REGEX

  • To include the SKU begins with ABC. For example, ABC-123, ABC134, ABC145, ABC-765 can use as ^ABC

  • To exclude the SKU ends with 123. For example, ABC123, CDE123, GFR123, TUY123 can use as 123$