The column header is the content of the first or topmost row in your source file. The leftmost column in your file is indexed 1 and the column after is indexed 2. Your inputs in the Source Mapping Column section should contain the column header or the column index in your source file. Please note that the column header must match exactly with the one in your source file.

  • Prefix & Store Prefix: This strips the source file's leading product identifier by what you input in the column. For example, if your SKU in the source file is ABC1001121 and your input is ABC in the input, 1001121 will be matched against the SKUs in your store.

  • The product key, quantity key, selling price key, barcode key: Column header of product identifiers or column index. For example, a column header for the product key would be SKU and the quantity key would be Qty.

Ensure that your columns are properly matched by the column header or by the index of the column. 

We strongly encourage you to use the column index as this method is safer than using column headers.